The meaning of Muktivat

Muktivat is an old Sanskrit word and it means “having freedom” or “being freed from”. For us, this means to have the freedom to go where we want to be and to do what we love – not just for a short period like on a vacation but as a way of living. Most important, we have the freedom to share our time with lovely, interesting and incredibly skilled fellow humans that we meet along the way.

Digital Nomads

Offroad Office

MUKTIVAT is a collective of digital nomads and practical engineers. We haven chosen to explore this world and seek inspiration, insight and interaction. For this quest, good companionship is a vital foundation. We work individually and we work together – and call this style of co-living/working “Offroad Office”.

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Do you have an interesting, challenging or funny project you want us to join? We are open for all kinds of ideas as long as they correspond with our basic values.

You can reach us by e-mail or send a message on facebook to find out more.

You want us to learn something from YOU? We are curious!
You enjoy outdoor activities and seek some company? Hit us up!
You are eager to learn skills that one of us can share? Get involved!
You need a crew for a challenging video project? We are definitely in!
You would like to boost your business or express a great idea? Send us a message!
Our latest Projects
Active Volcanoes in Guatemala — A Videographer’s Struggle

The struggles of shooting on a volcano   Seeing lava with your own eyes for the first time is hard to describe. You might think it is not that spectacular

Konnichiwa — Japan in a Camper Van

  Bongo Bong ‘Cause I’m the king of bongo, baby, I’m the king of bongo bong’. Manu Chao sang those lines in 1991 in his hit ‘Bongo Bong’. But for one month,

Thailand — Short Documentary for a Kung Fu Retreat

In early 2018, we spent two months in Northern Thailand and to be more specific in Pai. This vibrant valley is full of wonderful natural sites to explore and interesting