Creating Adventure- and Travelfilms for you.
Without payment. But as an exchange of service.


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We produce films for businesses related to travel, outdoor and adventure. Worldwide. See for yourself.

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We believe in Exchange. Exchange between people and culture. And we believe in an exchange of service as an alternative way to collaborate with clients.That’s why we work without money…

We want to help growing people’s businesses and hope to inspire them for their own business. Furthermore, we want to experience their business first hand in order to make the best result possible.


The Meaning of Muktivat

MUKTIVAT is an old Sanskrit word and it means “having freedom” or “being freed from”. For us, this means to have the freedom to go where we want to be and to do what we love – not just for a short period like on a vacation but as a way of living. Most important, we have the freedom to share our time with lovely, interesting and incredibly skilled fellow humans that we meet along the way.


MUKTIVAT was originally founded as a collective of digital nomads and practical engineers to explore this world and seek inspiration, insight and interaction. It has evolved into a non-profit adventure filmmaking team.

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Do you need a team for a video project? We take care of everything from start to finish. We are open for all kinds of ideas as long as they correspond with our basic values.