Team of two

About us


Director, Camera, Editor

His Homebase is Germany but a couple of months in the year he is living and traveling as a digital nomad. He is full time vegetarian and part time vegan. Besides the MUKTIVAT projects, Ben works as a freelance Media Designer in real life. Check out his other projects on www.loving-pixels.com 

Alex about Ben:
“(Under)State(ment) of the art Media Designer. Wholeheartedly, he produces media content: starting from videos, motion design and photos up to print design and design-concepts. It kind of makes him spend all his money on equipment, too.”



Producer, Assistant Camera, Sounddesign

For almost a decade now, Alex traveled the world and lived as a digital nomad. He built up a huge network with people from all around the world. If you need a place to crash, he can handle it! His passion is music. He played countless gigs as a  DJ worldwide. Oh yeah, he is a Kungfuinstructor too! Find out more on www.alex-doering.com

Ben about Alex:
„Bachelor of bringing people together“, „master of organization“ as well as “doctor of lifestyle & health coaching“. He is also „professor of flexibility“.