Worldwide Projects

The Films

We plan, shoot and produce adventure and travel related videos around the globe. Seeking a different way of collaboration we don’t make any profit with our films. Our collaborators offer their services or products in exchange for ours. Check out our selected work below.

Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, all of our projects are based on an exchange of service. This means: we receive your service or product and in exchange we are crafting a video for you. We don’t want to make any profit with what we do. We want to help you grow your idea, business or NPO.

Obviously we enjoy your service or product for free! That’s great! We are going on travels and  experience/see things most people only dream about. Other than that we can collect a great video for our portfolio. Sometimes we also utilise the footage we collect on trips as stock footage. We try to build a passive income with that. Because we also need money to live our lifes…yet! And we just like recycling.

It all comes to personal preferences. Since we are working for free, we only want to be involved in filmprojects which strike our passion! They should be travel related. But other than that we are open for every suggestions. Just shoot us an e-Mail!

Usually our collaborators handle expenses like flights, accomodation or food during our videoproject. But with every collaborator we have different agreements. Let’s talk and find an arrangement that fits both of us!