Training in the Kung Fu Retreat Nam Yang

Nam Yang


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Practice is Everything


In early 2018, we spent two months in Northern Thailand and to be more specific in Pai. This vibrant valley is full of wonderful natural sites to explore and interesting people to meet. We were invited to stay at Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat, where Alex has been practicing and teaching Martial Arts over the past few years.

The Mission

Our main purpose was to produce yet another kind of video — something between a very short documentary and a classic image film but with a contemporary, cinematic touch.

“Kung Fu means hard work over a long time.”

Without a doubt, one could say that making this film was Kung Fu. The process of shooting all the desired footage was a lengthy one because we wanted to capture and combine three key elements: the features of the retreat, the spirit of Shaolin Kung Fu itself and the surrounding area with its amazing view points, temples and mountains. So there was a lot to cover and as always it’s only the essence of all the footage that makes it into the actual film.

Master Iain Armstrong.

About The Retreat

Nam Yang was founded in 1954 in Singapore by Grand Master Ang Lian Huat. The province of the art’s origin is Fukien in Southern China. The branch in Thailand was established in 2008 by Master Iain Armstrong, who has been constantly developing the retreat, including training areas, accommodation, food and most importantly the people who are involved. To our understanding the ethos and the dedication are the vital aspects for a place like this to succeed. The results speak for themselves: many students keep coming back every year to learn more about the art. During our stay, we felt very well supported in our task to create a film that conveys this genuine vibe.

“It’s not about what you get. It’s about what you learn through that hard work.”

Unfortunately, some of us were so busy with the film-making that training came short. However, we were invited to come back any time to enjoy this beautiful place and practice Martial Arts. So, it is more than likely that MUKTIVAT crew shall return to Pai!

The Nam Yang Kung Fu Retreat in Pai, Thailand.

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